Phonekerchief is a Not So Subtle Reminder to Turn Off Your Phone

There are certain situations where etiquette dictates that you turn your cell phone off for a little while. Like in a theater, classroom lecture, airplane, or perhaps at a friendly dinner party where the host has put out napkins that are embroidered with “My phone is off for you”. Hint taken, snooty host.

If that’s not enough, the Phonekerchief is actually made of a cell phone signal blocking material too. I’d wield these like a football referee and toss them over any discourteous cell phone users at my next formal dinner party, cutting off their signal mid-tweet. The Phonekerchief costs $15 and is made of 55% silver and 45% nylon. I’m guessing that the silver is some sort of mesh Faraday Cage that works to block the signal (science!)