Classic Mustang Pool Tables

It’s official! I’m getting rid of my dining room table and chairs and putting either a Mustang Pool Table (warning: autoplaying video!) or the cooler and pricier Shelby Pool Table in it’s place. Don’t worry about where I’m going to eat, I won’t be able to afford to eat anyway. But thanks for asking.

Each table is a faithful replica of either a 1965 Ford Mustang or a 1965 Shelby GT 350, both officially licensed by Ford. The billiards tables have 4 by 8 foot slate top. The fiberglass bodied cars are shortened lengthwise but are true to size in the front and rear. The lights actually work and there’s chrome decals, bumpers, and real alloy rims and tires.

The Mustang runs nearly $10,000 and it’s an $12,000 (and up) for the Shelby model. The Shelby models are signed by the legendary 88 year old Carroll Shelby himself (I was surprised he’s still around too!). Shipping not included. If you can’t afford one this holiday season, you can find them showcased at various auto and home shows around the country thanks to Ford.

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