NYC Steakhouse Selling $100,000 Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Everyone is surely familiar with Lady Gaga’s meat dress she wore at the VMA awards. Well one New York City steakhouse saw that cheap flank steaked dress and thought they could do it better. A lot better than an inferior flank steak. Old Homestead Steakhouse (which makes a fantastic porterhouse for two, btw) created this meat dress using much higher quality cuts of prime meat.

This 85 pound dress was stitched together by restaurant staff and is accessorized with a necklace of marrow bones topped with a 32-ounce rib eye chapeau. There’s a porterhouse on top, rib eye leggings, and kobe beef boots- all USDA prime, natch. The $100,000 outfit is a total value because it can actually be worn and then eaten; the restaurant recommends freezing the steaks or just having an epic party. Craziest Gadgets recommends removing the dress before cooking. Here’s a video showing a waitress modeling the meat dress and some more details:

(via the daily news)