Angry Birds Halloween Costumes

I’m pretty sure that Angry Birds will be one of this year’s hottest homemade Halloween costumes. The folks at the Clock Blog made a pair for themselves (above) only to discover that they weren’t the only ones to come up with idea. Oh noes! Based on my completely unscientific sampling methodology, one out of every four costumes this year will be Angry Birds. The rest will be sexy nurses, sexy pirates and sexy Angry Birds.

So if you have a decent quantity of yellow or red fabric, a sewing machine and some scissors, then you too can be this years hottest iPhone game’s main characters for Halloween (or any other day too- great for Election Day and Valentine’s Day too). You can even jazz it up disco style like this dude:

Update: you can now buy official Angry Birds costumes for kids and adults:
See even more Angry Birds Costumes on Amazon!

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  1. Not true! The ladies in the second picture used the instructions provided by the clock blog to make their costumes. The guys on the top created the costumes….I should know…we’re related 🙂 Go Jordan and Devon!!!!!

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