Three Interesting R2-D2 Variations

It’s a tribute to R2-D2 tonight with three different variations on the R2 theme. As the roundest character in Star Wars, it’s that shape that propelled the tiny droid into the hearts of the world as their favorite. Yeah definitely the shape and not the cute bleeps and blurps and the fact that R2 is the true hero of the saga- it’s the shape. Well that round shaped allows Artoo to be carved into the awesome jack-o-lantern above as the pumpkin is the most R2est gourd shape out there.

Next up is the Steampunk R2-D2 shown above. Wood and brass combine to create a timeless version of yesterday’s future today. I don’t know if that even makes any sense but I’m loving that phrase: a timeless version of yesterday’s future today. Created by artist Amoebabloke, this Victorian droid looks awesome and I want him in my living room. Now.

Last but certainly not least is the R2-D2 swimsuit. You’re not going to beat Michael Phelps in a 100m race wearing this Star Wars bathing suit but you’ll certainly have a better looking breaststroke, if you know what I mean. Badumdum. Thank you folks, goodnight.

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