Han Solo in Carbonite Candy

Halloween is fast approaching and it’s around this time I like to scout out the ‘tronz to find out which blogger is going to be giving out the best candy each year. Then I hire a small army of kids or little people dressed up like kids to trick or treat at regular intervals at each location to take home the loot for me. I take the candy from the kids and pay them with raisins instead. Win win situation for all and really not the least bit stalker creepy. So this year it looks like Booturtle is a prime candidate for my candy raid as she has made these insanely awesome looking Han Solo in Carbonite Candies using a toy as a mold for the chocolates.

Or as she calls them Han Solo in Candybaronite. Now I just need to find out if she’s actually giving these out for Halloween or if I’m hiring a troupe of kids and little people and all I’m going to end up with is a handful of tootsie rolls, grandma candy, circus peanuts or worse yet- toothbrushes. Ugh, I can’t believe people actually give those out. Now to stock up on small boxes of raisins.

4 thoughts on “Han Solo in Carbonite Candy

  1. I would never give out circus peanuts. Blech! 😉 I’m all Reese’s cups and cookies and cream candy bars. For adults I’ve been known to whip up these Hans with Bailey’s and Chocolate, who knew Han Solo could get even better?

    Glad you like the chocolate!

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