LEGO Statue of Liberty Set

The Lego Statue of Liberty Sculpture Set is an impressive piece of Lego architecture that you can build yourself. Just 80 easy steps and you’ve completed the 2882 piece, nearly 3 foot tall statue. Look at this young lad hard at work on his Lady Liberty Lego:

The impressive (and slightly difficult) part about putting together this kit is that save for the torch, the rest of the pieces ARE ALL THE SAME COLOR. Although maybe that makes it easier since you only have to sort your pieces by shape and not by color and shape before you put it together. The finished product is pretty impressive, can’t deny that, I mean you’re getting a Statue of Liberty made entirely of Lego but the set is perhaps a bit too pricey for my tastes.

5 thoughts on “LEGO Statue of Liberty Set

  1. I’d love to see the fool who pays 5 grand for that :/
    Paying 5 grand. To waste a week of your time.

  2. It’s only five grand because it’s an old, rare set that’s out of production. And 5K is the just what some company is overcharging for it.

    The actual price from LEGO in the year 2000 (when the set was released) was $199, which is quite a deal. Less than 10 cents per piece, for a rare color like sand green.

    Here’s a link to info on the set

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