Things I Will Never Walk On: Self Supported Glass Stairs

These self supporting glass stairs look really cool, can’t deny that, in fact they look like something right out of an Apple Store (especially the the New York City stores). But the difference between the Apple Store staircases and this set from Italy’s Farone is that Steve Jobs and Co. went for frosted glass and supports on both sides while this staircase goes clear and self supported. This staircase looks like it would be slightly nerve racking to walk up.

I can’t even hang a small shelf in my walls without it sagging and I’m not even about to attempt to mount a heavy flat panel TV to the wall, much less something made of glass that I would be entrusting my life to by walking on. Every step up would make me question whether I should have gone for that extra slice of pizza or not. These stairs will make you question how much your trust your engineer and/or architect. That said, they look really sleek and would look fantastic in a loft or other big open modern minimalist designed space. Just don’t invite me over.

via trendir