iPhone Controlled Illuminated Jackets

Vanilla Series jackets are illuminated jackets that you can control with your iPhone. Created by Alexander Reeder, this interactive clothing has an LED display on either the back or the cuffs of the coat. You hook your iPhone directly into the jacket and you can make the 8×8 LED matrix embedded on the back say whatever you want or whatever patterns you want. The cuffs can be used as a turn signal for cyclists, just flick your wrist and an arrow lights up.

He doesn’t mention exactly how you set and control the rear LED matrix, although I would assume there is a specialized iPhone app you use. The Vanilla Series is modular, so you can choose your own set of sensors to display wherever you want on the coat or you can use the standard wrist or back mounted sensors. Check out the video:

The coolest part about this smartphone controlled jacket is that it’s actually going on sale this Fall. No prices listed and availability will be limited. Pretty cool.