Incredible Power Line Support Tower Design

Most support towers for power lines are just simple metal towers without any consideration given to design other than utilitarian concerns. They just blend into the landscape in their ubiquity and dullness. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not make them artistic and interesting? Icelandic design firm Choi and Shine has come up with this design that’s not too different structurally from today’s transmission towers but visually it’s a world apart.

Shaped like people, the towers can be contorted into different positions to hold various line configurations. It’s an interesting artistic concept that would make a visually appealing sight as you drive down the highway. Plus they sort of look like the gods of electricity.

treehugger via dvice

2 thoughts on “Incredible Power Line Support Tower Design

  1. This was actually an entry in some design contest in Iceland, I don’t have the URL but this is much better than the actual winner.

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