World’s First Glass Bottomed Hot Air Balloon (video)

If I was given just one more try to chase down my dream, it would be that I was an airship tycoon turned buffoon. I’d cross the sea in the light of the moon, too soon, leaving my home marooned, in a glass bottomed hot air balloon. In the blink of an eye, I’d spy, the shore that I’d fantasize but turning my gaze to the sky, I’d cry. In my glass bottomed getaway, I’d pray, to watch the stars ricochet or hide scared beyond an alleyway where no one could see. In my glass bottomed hot air balloon, I’d fly over the sea and in one day I’d go from my cell to the sky; it would be my last chance to fly. In test flights now, available to the public next year. THIS IS MY DREAM. Check out the video:

via gizmodo

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