Sharpie Liquid Pencil Turns Permanent Only After 3 Days

Sharpie is reinventing the pen with a pencil. The “Liquid Pencil” writes as smooth as a pen and is fully erasable like a pencil for up to 3 days. Then the magic happens. The ink is made from a liquid graphite that turns permanent like a marker after 72 hours (or 24 hours if you read the description over at Office Depot). Either way it’s a combination of a pen, pencil and marker which I am unofficially dubbing the penmarkcil. Anyone try one of these out yet? How did it work for you?

via wired

2 thoughts on “Sharpie Liquid Pencil Turns Permanent Only After 3 Days

  1. I tried two of these pencils and I have to say, they’re a huge disappointment. Perhaps my geek hopes were set too high: you really have to press hard, I mean hard, to get these things to write. It’s smooth like a gel pen when it finally does write and erases well. But that’s probably because it took so much to get it to write!

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