Mangroomer is the Nunchuck of Grooming (and we’re giving one away!)

Introducing the Mangroomer, the nunchuck of men’s grooming. This electric back shaver has an extending articulating handle that reaches over 2 feet long to help you to reach those tricky spots on your middle and lower back (and elsewhere):

There’s a locking button so you can lock it into just the right position for your shaving needs. The 1.5 inch wide shaver allows you to cut more hair with less strokes. It’s powered by a quick-charging internal rechargeable battery. The whole thing is rubberized for easy gripping and it folds flat for storage and traveling. The Mangroomer sells for over $50 at Amazon and if you have a hairy back, it’s well worth it for the convenience. It looks like it would also be useful for woman and men with limited mobility in their arms to shave their legs or elsewhere.

Here’s how you can win one in the return of our weekly sweepstakes! (with extreme apologies to our last few winners for the delay, your prizes are being shipping tomorrow). We are giving away the “professional” model (same one linked to Amazon above).

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The rules:

  1. This sweepstakes will run now through Saturday July 31, 2010 10pm Eastern time.
  2. One entry per person (yes we can tell if you enter more than once).
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52 thoughts on “Mangroomer is the Nunchuck of Grooming (and we’re giving one away!)

  1. I feel silly commenting and wanting the Mangroomer, but my desire to avoid the contortions normally required for this task has overcome my embarrassment.

  2. yup I’ll say ditto to all of the above – hate to admit it but this would make my wife happy when we go to beach vacations (so she might now have to do it :P)

    dada [a]

  3. This gadget looks awesome! I have a neuro/muscular disease and the long arm would make leg shaving much easier. Hubby could use it too, however not on his legs…lol

  4. I’m subscribed via RSS.

    Hope I win..maybe then I won’t scare small children when I go to the beach. 😉

  5. I hate the fact that I need this but I’m getting old and this wouldn’t hurt to have in my “secret” stash of things I wish I didn’t need.

  6. enter me please, thank you for the giveaway
    I subscribed to your feed via mail (same as in my profile / this post)

  7. I want this for my husband so I don’t have to do this for him any longer.

    I subscribe.

  8. I definitely know someone who would benefit from this, I subscribe to your feed, thanks!

  9. i subscribe to emails. Wow great to see grooming gadgets geared toward men. I want this for hubby.

    waitressdani (at) hotmail (dot) com

  10. I have to admit to needing this myself, as the hair on my neck and upper back is pretty out of control, so much so that I usually have to avoid wearing tee-shirts for fear of scaring small children who see me from behind. Thanks for the chance to enter for some redemption!

  11. I subscribe to your RSS Feed! I need to win this so my husband will stop having me shave his back!!

  12. I subscribe to your RSS feed with Google!

    My husband would love this! (And I’d finally be out of the back shaving job! LOL)

  13. This looks like an awesome product! Much better than straining to reach with a razor!

  14. I’m a subscriber.
    Please enter me.. I have an uncle who needs an intervention LOL.

  15. Thanks for the giveaway…looks like a great “manscaping” tool !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

    …subscribed via RSS.

  16. Nice giveaway…especially for me being married to a big, ahiry Italian!! Thanks for the chance to win!

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