Rolling Watermelon Cooler is Well Worth the $230

When you’re rolling heavy with a ball of juice you’ve gots to watch your back yo. What’s true in gang warfare is also true in the fruit carrying industry. If you’re sick and tired of carrying heavy watermelons everywhere you go (and who isn’t these days?) then maybe it’s time you stepped up to the plate a little bit and took responsibility for your life and bought yourself a rolling watermelon cooler.

Sure it’s $230 and you’ll have to import it from Japan but this is by far the most advanced watermelon cooling and transporting device on the market. It has a built in cooling cartridge that you can charge up via a car adapter. But wait, there’s more. The cartridge can also be used to HEAT up the watermelon, allowing you to stay toasty warm this winter with some nice hot watermelon. Because nothing says winter like watermelon (and here comes the Australian fans chiming in..3..2..1…). So save your back and get juiced everywhere you go. Don’t leave home without it.

via geekologie

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