Chalkboard Faced Watch Great for Mathletes

Your watch should reflect your personality and mood. What if you’re feeling a bit mathematical? You could buy lots of watches with giant numbers on them like a 1986 Swatch collector (make sure to get the Swatch guards to protect your precious plastic watch!) or you could wear something classier like the Momento watch from Rolf Sachs for Fortis. This watch has a chalkboard face, but unfortunately you can’t write what you want on it- you’ve got to stick to the math on there already.

If you could write whatever you wanted on it that would be pretty awesome. Feeling saucy? Split it up like a pizza. Feeling confused? Leave it blank. Forget your name? Write it on your wrist. Feel like putting the answers to your math quiz on your watch? Don’t cheat, loser.

via 2modern