Trashlight Lights Up Your Garbage

This Trashlight, designed by Craighton Berman (whom you might remember from the Coil Lamp), makes quite a bit of sense- using the base of a lamp as a garbage pail instead just wasted space. It goes from wasted space to a place for your waste. Seriously someone should pay me for coming up with their marketing slogan. If I was on the Apprentice and came up with that slogan, Don Jr. would give me an eyebrow raise and a fistbump.

Thanks Don Jr. Anywho, the issue is that it “shines a light” on your trash, forcing you to reevaluate what you’re throwing away since it’s on display under the light. You’ll also have to reevaluate what you’re throwing away since THERE’S NO WAY TO EMPTY THIS. Ok sure technically “there’s a way” but it’s not easy, practical or logical. I guess you’ll have to reevaluate which is more important- emptying your trashbin or having a non-smashed lightbulb.

via contemporist