Archimede’s Scale Bowl Floats and Weighs

Stand clear fanners, cause we’re about to drop some science all up in this blog here. This slick Archimede’s Scale from Italy’s aquacalda design firm might look like a normal bowl but it’s is actually a scale. According to the site, Archimede’s Principal goes something like this: a body immersed in a fluid received a vertical boost called buoyancy, of an intensity equal to the weight of a mass. In other words, the heavier the stuff you put into this bowl, the more it sinks. Science! Lines on the exterior of the bowl tell you what something weighs, so you just float the bowl in some water and get your measurement based on what line it floats at. Just don’t go over 500 grams or you’ll sink your pasta, which is not recommended. And you thought that Science class you took in Jr. High wouldn’t be good for anything.

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