Batman Lightsaber Fighting Darth Vader on Sharks Cake

Greatest cake ever? Liz Marek of Artisan Cakes created this masterpiece combining Darth Vader, Batman and lightsabers all on top of (really cool looking) sharks. Oh and it’s freakin’ cake. Total memegasm. If you tell me there’s a bottle of beer hidden inside too, I will crap my pants on the spot.

If someone gave me a cake like this for my birthday I’d clear a spot on my shelf and then head out to Home Depot and buy a case of varnish to preserve this forever. Then I’d take everyone out to Friendly’s for cake and Fribbles.

courtesy of Great White Snark who is also heavily frosted,

One thought on “Batman Lightsaber Fighting Darth Vader on Sharks Cake

  1. Still looks like Batman & Darth Vader riding porpoises in a kiddie pool to me!

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