MacBook Business Card Holder is Perfect for Apple Fanboys’ Cards

Apple fanboys have to look good too besides just maintaining an air of superiority as they strut the streets with their white headphone cords carefully placed so as to be in full view yet not look like they are being shown off. That’s why the above MacBook Mirror (err “MocBook”) is ideal to keep those fanboys looking good. It looks like a little MacBook Pro but it’s a pocket sized mirror. Ok maybe that’s for the fangirls. But the life of an Apple fanperson is not all leisure and spending big money on haircuts to make it look like you don’t get haircuts and wearing nuthugging tight jeans. It’s also about business. That’s where the Apple Powermock business card holder comes to the rescue.

This business card holder cradles your cards like those tight jeans hold up your non-existent butt- all style, no substance. Unfortunately these fake Apple are only available in Japan, so American Apple fanpeople will have to weep silently in their ironic t-shirts in their coffee shops and PBR in a can serving bars.

yapple3 via cult of mac