Lighted Bocce Ball Set Lets You Play in the Dark

Bocce, sport of champions. Usually reserved for daylight hours, unless you had a lighted court in your yard (which I just so happen to have, down past the polo field by my private lake). Well get down off that ladder and stop installing those floodlight stands because now there’s an easier way to play bocce in the dark- it’s a Lighted Bocce Ball Set. from Hammacher Schlemmer.

Eight colored balls are included, each with a bright internal LED light that lets you see them from up 100 feet away. You can make the balls either stay lit or flash. The balls are official International Bocce Federation size but weight slightly less which makes it easier to play in softer surfaces. The pallino (smaller ball used as a target) has a glowing white LED for easy visibility. Play bocce 24/7! Yeah. $99 from Hammacher.