Rock Climber Key Holder

The concept of these climbing men key holder is pretty cool, it’s just the execution of the design is a little, uhmm how do you say- Village People-esque? I don’t know if it’s the short shorts on Mr. sideburns ponytail man or the way the engineer is giving him the “what’s a guy like you doing in a place like this” look but there’s something very special about these two fellas.

via rinkya

7 thoughts on “Rock Climber Key Holder

  1. I love the Engineer/Climber Key Holder, please let me know where can I buy this item. Thanks in advance.


  2. i like to know where i can buy the engineer/rock climber key hangers. please respond so I know you got this email. thanks! this is so unique it’ll be great as a anniversary present.

  3. I loved the enginer/rock climber key hangers, please where I can buy ?

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