Planet Earth Reusable Bag

Earth Day is coming in a few short weeks and the plastic bag revolution is upon us. Reusable bags are a simple easy to way to do your part to help the environment and what better way than with a Planet Earth Reusable Bag? Sure it looks like a normal canvas shopping bag but when it’s empty you can fold it inside out and forms a little Earth globe sack. Now you don’t have to fold up and cram your bag into a drawer or corner, just flip it into the little globe and leave it on your desk, counter, or foyer table so it’s always handy. It even has a little drawstring so you can tie it onto yourself or something for easy transportation to the grocery store, farmer’s market, pool, beach or anywhere. Check out the super action video:

It’s only $6.99, which is the same or less than a non-Earth bag, so it looks like a pretty good deal on it from Perpetual Kid:

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