Incredible New York City Skyline Chairs

Check out this incredible set of chairs called The Manhattan Collection from Frank Peter Siciliano. It is composed of 10 six foot tall chairs displaying 40 landmark buildings from the New York City skyline. The chairs are made of Cherry wood and they were built sometime around 1987 (based on the buildings represented). I don’t know if I’d want this set in my living room but they’re super cool nonetheless.

The chairs are arranged in regional groupings so buildings located near each other in real life are on the same chairs. Based on my extensive local knowledge (really! finally it’s come in handy) I’ll attempt to identify many of the buildings for you, feel free to fill in the blanks or correct me in the comments.

Above you can see the Citicorp building (with it’s wedge shaped top), Chrysler Building, Lipstick Building, Grand Central Terminal.

UN Building, Solow Building

GE Building (Rockefeller Center), St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Woolworth Building, Trump Tower

Met Life Building (Pan Am Building), Helmsley Hotel, Sony Tower (AT&T Building)

World Trade Center (Twin Towers)

Empire State Building and Flatiron Building.

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