The Curved Panasonic SC-SP100 iPod Dock

There’s plenty of iPod speaker docks out there and most them are shaped like a box. Or maybe a rounded box. Big freakin’ deal. Boooring. The Panasonic SC-SP100 is way more exciting than the completely non-memorable name would imply. It’s got a sexy rounded shape, almost evoking a seashell. Yes I just implied that a seashell is sexy (any real mermaids out there, drop me an email please- I have a sexy proposition for you- raaaoooar.). It puts out 20W of power and connects to your computer with a USB cable for synching.

There’s a 2 1/2″ Dual Passive Radiator and a 2 1/2″ Subwoofer that work combine to reproduce full bodied sound from an unobtrusive and portable speaker. The Panasonic SC-SP100 costs about $115 at B&H and elsewhere.

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