Crazy Mouse Moves Away From Your Hand

Today’s prize for “a lot of work for not that much result” goes to the Crazy Mouse. The crazy mouse is one of the weirdest mods we’ve come across- I’m not sure why you’d want to do this other than as a practical joke. Ok, it would be pretty funny I guess. But worth the extensive effort to make it? Ehhh.

Anyway, this mouse will move away from your hand as you try to grab it. Great party trick. It does this via a light sensor that detects the shadow of your hand which turns on a motor for a second or two and moves the mouse away. It’s a pretty advanced mod, check out this laundry list of items you’ll need:
-Copper Boards
-Printed Circuit
-22k Resistor
-47uF Electrolyte Capacitor
-TIP122 Transistor
-555 IC
-10k Potentiometer
-Some Wire
-Soldering Iron
-Soldering Wire
-Circuit Boards Acid
-Paper Tape
-Wire Cutter
-1mm Drill
-Old Computer Mouse
-Small Motor
-4 AA Batteries
-A piece of Rubber Tube
-1N4148 Diode
-0.1uF Ceramic Capacitor (104)
-Some Tools
So since neither you nor I is actually going to make this, why not check out the action video: