I’d Take a 3 Hour Tour on a Sofa Boat

All together now…..Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, a tale of a crazy ship, that started on the gadget blog, about a sofa ship. The ship had a couch on it, controlled by a joystick, only 3 passengers can set sail each day, aboard this wild ship. The weather will never get too rough, cause it’s docked in Abu Dhabi, if not for the $16,000 cost, it would make a great hobby. The ship is powered by an electric motor, with soooooolar, no emissions too, great for millionaires and their wives, it has a fridge, soft foam bumper and, I’m here on a sofa boat, man.

So this little boat is pretty ridiculous. But not as ridiculous as trying to write an entire post about it to the theme of Gilligan’s Island.

marine business world via born rich