Drop Stop Keeps Stuff Out of Your Crack

The crack between your car’s seat and center console is a vast black hole of lost keys, french fries, coins, receipts and breath mints. I once lost my small dog under the seat. Drop Stop puts a $20 end to all that by filling in the crack with a piece of black neoprene that “matches any car’s interior” (cause it’s black.. and black goes with everything I guess).

Could you get the same effect with a magazine or placemat or piece of stiff fabric? Probably. Can this save lives by preventing car accidents? Maybe- a lot of car accidents are caused by taking your eyes off the road, so something that keeps you from having to reach down under your seat to retrieve your dropped cell phone can probably keep you safer on the road. Or maybe you could just watch where you’re driving and pull over if you need to get something you dropped.

via trfj

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