Hot Design: Radiator Bench

radiator bench
While in theory having a radiator that’s also a bench for the entranceway, bathroom or somewhere else in your home is a good idea, this might just be something that’s too hot. Toasty behinds are good, toasted behinds not so good. Maybe the designers of this stylish bench are unaware but that’s boiling hot water running through the radiator. Usually people put a wooden surround over their radiators if they want to sit on them or put something on them.

via trendir

2 thoughts on “Hot Design: Radiator Bench

  1. Nonsense – all it needs is an overgrown “hot pad” – along the lines of those quilted, silvery-coated-on-one-side potholders… and therein lies the problem.

    Once you release the word “quilted” near an object like this one, you immediately attract home-made craft decorators, who will usher you directly down the slippery slope to Pretty Pony fabric, ruffles, and scented wood-shaving potpourri stuffing – an object lesson in why hot glue guns should only be sold to people whose ring fingers are longer than their index fingers.

    But it does look nice. 😀

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