Recession Hits Boba Fett, Forced to Busk on Accordion

fett accordion
The current economic recession has caused some tough times for everyone but especially for bounty hunters. Unlike his jacked up colleague Dog the Bounty Hunter who has reality TV show money to fall back on, poor Boba Fett, once the feared bounty hunter, is now reduced to busking for spare change in the park with his trusty accordion.

I’m sure there’s many things he’d rather be doing than playing the Imperial March and Weird Al’s American Pie Star Wars song over and over again for pennies. Tragic, just tragic.

photo credit: will femia (apologies to will for cropping out all context….click through to see the full photo and Will’s great NYC street shots)

2 thoughts on “Recession Hits Boba Fett, Forced to Busk on Accordion

  1. I’ve seen him! Very cool. Now if you could only do the ‘Saw Lady’ – – the lady who plays the saw in the subway that would be perfect! This guy plays at Union Square above ground, and she plays there underground.

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