Endless Time Clocks Evoke Einstein, Sisyphus

endless time clocks
With today being the shortest day of the year, what could be more appropriate than a pair of “Endless Time Clocks“? The clock on the right is the Einstein-inspired version and based on his theory of special relativity (in short, time isn’t fixed), the numbers on this clock actually rotate around the clock with each second.
sisyphus clock
The second clock is based on Sisyphus, who if you recall from Greek mythology or a quick Wikipedia lookup, is sentenced to roll a boulder up a hill only to see it fall back each time and repeating the task for eternity. As you can see in the detailed shot above, the rock is attached to the second hand and rolls around the clock eternally. Yes when even your clocks need links to Wikipedia to be explained, you’re probably a geek. These will run ya $25 a piece and have an alarm with snooze and a light.