Hiny Heater Heats Your Seat, Not Your Meat

hiny heater
I love the fact that they’re calling this toilet seat warmer the “Hiny Heater”. I can just imagine the brainstorming session and all the rejected names they came up with when determining that Hiny Heater was the best. Now some poor schlub has to tell people he works in the Hiny Heater Division.

Bad name aside, if you like to sit down to a nice toasty toilet seat at all times, then the Seat Heater has got your back. The device attaches with velcro to the underside of the lid of your toilet seat and then plugs in. There are three heat settings. The heater goes on automatically when the lid is closed (which supposedly is an incentive for guys to close the lid). The manufacturer claims you can save money by keeping your house cold and not be chilled when nature calls- but are there really people that keep their houses warm just to have a warm toilet seat?

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