The Most Awesomest Star Wars Tauntaun Costume You Will Ever See (Today)

tauntaun costume
I will personally guarantee you will not see a better Tauntaun costume….today. Bold statement, I know but sometimes you have to go out on a ledge. Above you can see the inner structure of the large costume. The whole thing was handmade with the structure being created using 3D modeling software (Solidworks) and then building out a wire mesh “skin” and covering it with plaster of paris as well as clay and some foam for certain parts like the tail and horns. As you can see, it requires the wearer to walk on stilts which had snowboard boots attached to achieve the illusion of riding the Tauntaun like Luke Skywalker did.

tauntaun costume2
Totally awesome! Here’s a video of this crazy Star Wars costume actually walking:

scott holder the builder’s log via make