ProBatter Pitching Machine with Live Pitcher Simulation

Now that the baseball playoffs are in full swing, you might want to know what the Major League players use to train and warm up with. The newest invention is the PX2 Pitching Machine from ProBatter. It features a big video screen with a hole in it. The screen projects the image of a pitcher winding up and throwing the ball and the ball comes out of the hole as if it’s being thrown by the pitcher.

This “live pitcher” simulation can be adjusted to throw any one of 8 different pitches at any speed ranging from 40 to 100 mph at any location inside or outside the strike zone. You can choose a left handed or right handed pitcher too.

It’s as realistic as you can get without having a real pitcher throw you a pitch. Here’s a video showing how it works with some testimonials (Howard Johnson! HoJo!).
ProBatter makes a few different versions of this pitching machine including a trailer mounted one to take with you and a party style one that throws wiffle balls. They also sell conversion kits to convert your existing pitching machine to a video screened one (that’s what I plan on doing with my pitching machine, btw). Prices run around $45,000, so start saving now!