Playstation 3 Slim in a Laptop Mod by Ben Heck

ps3 slim laptop
The world’s most famous modder Ben Heck has done it yet again. He’s taken a trusty PS3 slim and put it into a laptop shell for on the go gaming. This is no puny little netbook, that’s a big size 17-inch Gateway 1775W screen he put in there. It looks a little hefty but I’d still love to have one of these. Remember, because it’s a Playstation 3, there’s a Blu-Ray drive in there, so this is great for not only games but watching movies in HD too!

PS3 Slim Laptop would be super ideal for a long plane ride (or a short one!) Put this one my holiday wish list please. Thanks. Video demonstration of the features? Why I’m glad you asked:

via gizmodo

UPDATE: Full build info now available at Ben Heck’s site

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