PermaFLOW: A Clear Uncloggable Drain Pipe

Another day, another way to keep things from going down your drain pipes! Today we’ve got the PermaFLOW PF-07001 Never Clog Drain which is a transparent U-shaped pipe to replace the one under your sink. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to see exactly what’s causing the clog in you drain, the PermaFLOW has a self-cleaning design with an integrated wiper that removes blockage. If you drop something, you can turn the wiper until the object is easier to reach with a hanger or other tool.

Inside the PermaFLOW is a dial that you turn when the drain becomes clogged. It unclogs the drain without the use of any harsh chemicals or cleaners and without you having to start plunging, snaking or (worse) go inside the pipe and potentially be exposed to sewer gases or other nasties. It’s considered an environmentally friendly drain pipe because it can eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals to clear your drains.

The pipe also has a bypass option that allows water to flow through an upper chamber if there’s an emergency debris buildup, meaning it’s essentially two traps in one. Compared to your normal P-trap design, this design is made to generate turbulence within the pipe and propel debris down, preventing routine buildup.

PermaFLOW fits most standard plumbing sizes and is easy to retrofit to your existing sinks. It’s won numerous design awards including ‘Best of What’s New’ Award from Popular Science. PermaFLOW is made of ABS plastic and has a 10 year warranty.