LED Sound Activated Pumpkin Shirt

led sound activated pumpkin
Halloween is coming soon and while many people like to go all out and wear a costume for Halloween, some of us prefer to just wear something festive and of the season without dressing up. For the non-costumed folks looking for a really cool item for the holiday there’s the LED Sound Activated Pumpkin T-Shirt. The shirt’s three colors light up that pumpkin in sync with the beat- it’s an illuminated equalizer!
led sound activated pumpkin shirt
The black cotton t-shirt is powered by a small battery pack- all the electronics are removable for washing and you can switch it on or off. Great for parties, raves, concerts and just hanging out. Best of all, for the next two days it’s just on sale for just $9.99, making it by far the cheapest LED light-up shirt I’ve ever seen.

Buy the LED Sound Activated Pumpkin T-Shirt here (there’s a video of it in action at this link too)

UPDATE:it looks to be sold out through the link above. They are also available on eBay for about $30, which is still cheap for this type of shirt ($40 is typical).

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