Chalk Spinner

chalk spinner2
Spin art is one of the easiest ways for kids to make unique good looking artwork in a fun manner. I’m sure you’ve all seen those spin art machines either at carnivals and fairs or smaller ones for home use where you drop some paint onto a spinning piece of paper or cardboard and it makes a cool design. Chalk spinners is just like that but different.
chalk spinner
These big cylindrical tubes are made to facilitate social interaction, teamwork and creativity in children. A number of kids can draw on all sides of the chalk spinners at once. A cutout in the middle holds the unused chalk. And at the end of the day, just spray down the spinner and wipe it off and it’s clean and ready for more drawing. They’re priced at a few hundred dollars, so it’s more for schools and daycare use than home use but still pretty neato.

Chalk Spinners via SwissMiss