Casio Cubic Puzzle Watch is Tetrisesque

I love the look of this cool Casio Poptone Cubic Puzzle Watch. It somehow manages to look both retro and modern at the same time. The LCD screen has an interesting arrangement. The buttons remind me of a Tetris game. Most watches have tiny buttons on the side, this one puts them out front, colorful and large so they’re easy to find.

The rubber case and band is available in either blue or black. It’s extremely slim and light at 25 grams (.88 ounces). The watch has a backlight, is waterproof up to 15 feet, alarm, stopwatch and 12/24 hour modes. It’s a Casio, so you know the quality and history behind their digital watches. I like it!

Available for $89 at TokyoFlash for a limited time only and if you use coupon code “FLASH”, you’ll get $28 off this or any other watch, for one week only! That’s a really good deal and they have a lot of other cool watches if this isn’t up your alley.

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