KEF’s Uniquely Shaped Subwoofer

kef subwoofer
Most subwoofers are square or rectangular. And since they usually sit tucked behind some piece of furniture in your living room instead of out in the open, style doesn’t really matter too much- function and sound quality is key. KEF has gone out and broken the mold by making an oval shaped orb-like spaceship of a subwoofer. You look at this thing and you’re ready to be lifted off to the mothership (that’s right, the mothership is in Virginia, FYI).

It has some great specs and all that fun stuff and costs $1200, so if you’re really interested you’ll go someplace where you can find the best speaker reviews and not here on the cool gadget site because there’s nothing too crazy about watts and decibels- I’m bored just typing that. The shape is cool and that’s it. Carry on with the crazy gadgets, friends.

via dvice

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