Corona Lime Bomber Drops the Lime into the Bottle

corona lime bomber
Get those limes into your Coronas quickly and easily with the Corona Lime Bomber. Whether you’re enjoying a lime in a cold Corona or Sol, an orange in a Blue Moon, or a lemon in your water or soda, this device will make it simple to insert a fruit wedge into your drink. Lemons, limes, or oranges are squeezed for their juices and inserted into the bottle in one quick motion.
corona lime bomber2
Place the Lime Bomber on top of your bottle of beer, put your fruit wedge in, and push the plunger down. In one sanitary motion the fruit goes into the drink. The days of sticking your fingers or a knife into the neck of your drink to get the fruit down are over (that never really works all that great anyway). Ideal for parties, picnics, tailgates, restaurants and bars. Or for the gadget lover who loves his or her beer gadgets. Get one and drink up.

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