Enterprise Galileo 2 Clubhouse in Some Lucky Kid’s Backyard

enterprise backyard1
When I was growing up my next door neighbor once got a new fridge. I was able to use the box it came in as a clubhouse in my backyard. Since we couldn’t afford paint to jazz it up, we smeared bird poop on it to scrawl the classic “keep out” sign on the side. Then we were told we had to get rid of our clubhouse because some bum wanted to live in it because he’d gotten too fat to live in his current box. He later turned out to be my uncle Sean (severely bloated).
enterprise backyard2
Needless to say, nobody ever made me an awesome Star Trek Enterprise Galileo 2 in my yard. Even the inside of this spaceship is pretty detailed. To the builder of this, hit me up on email, I want to come over so my kids can play in it- yeah, for my kids, definitely.

thechive via slipperybrick