Verbatim Easy Riser Adjustable Height Mice- Great for Traveling (on a Motorcycle with Dennis Hopper)

Verbatim has just issued a series of three adjustable height mice under the Easy Riser brand name. While the name might make you think of Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda cruising the country on a pair of choppers wearing American flag and Indian outfits, respectively, these mice are actually more suited for the space conscious business traveler.
The Easy Riser mouse lifts up from a flat state for traveling to a more ergonomic higher position for use. It is available in Bluetooth, optical, and wireless laser models to suit your needs at prices ranging from $17-$32. These two button mice have a programmable scroll wheel and sleek styling. The mice will be released in October but are available now for pre-order at MacMall

via ubergizmo