Siemens LiftMatic Oven Lifts Your Food Up

If you’re wondering what cooking technology will be like in the future, the Liftmatic oven from Siemens might just be the way we cook. The wall oven allows you to check on your food while still keeping the oven hot. In a normal oven when you open the door to check on your food the temperature drops quickly and significantly altering the cooking process if the food remains in the oven. You also have to bend uncomfortably and reach over the door to access the inside of the oven.

With the Siemens Liftmatic, the bottom of the oven drops down so you can get to your food easily and at eye level. Meanwhile the heat stays inside the oven and it remains hot. The oven is self-cleaning and it’s simple to wipe the ashes from that process off the oven floor since it drops down. Even the controls are futuristic- it’s almost iPod like.
This technologically advanced oven has 34 cooking modes that can be programmed in and 11 different cooking methods- defrosting, top and bottom heating, hydro shoes, bottom heat, speed, 3D hot air, convection grill system, barbecue area, pre-heating and keeping warm. Some of those may have gotten mangled in translation, but you get the point. It sells for about $4500 in Germany.

via bornrich