Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer

al dente singing pasta timer
Pasta is one of the simplest dishes to make yet it’s also one of the easiest to screw up. The Al Dente Singing Pasta Timer has you cooking your pasta perfectly each and every time you drop the noodles in the boiling water. Just place Al (yes, his name is Al Dente) into your pot of boiling water with your pasta and the suited Italian will start to sing as your pasta cooks. Opera. Really.

At 7 elapsed minutes, you’ll hear Mr. Dente playing 30 seconds of the “Triumphal March” from Aida; at 9 minutes, you’ll hear “Chorus of Hebrew Slaves” from Nabucco; and at 11 minutes, the classic “La Donna mobile” from Rigoletto. So depending upon how you like your pasta, you listen for the food-safe little red plastic man to sing your song. Al’s your ultimate pasta cooking guide. And remember, you mess with Al Dente, you mess with the whole family

UPDATED: the newer version of this product is called Pasta Mafioso Al Dente Classico Nudeltimer and it’s silver.

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  1. Unfortunately, neither Solutions nor Amazon have it or even know if they are going to get it again. They also would not tell me who the manufacturer is so I can research more. I have also tried ebay with no luck. If anyone knows how to get one of these, please share!

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