The Curvy Vivienne Tam MP3 Player

vivienne tam mp3
Fashion icon Vivienne Tam has created this sexy red MP3 player as a special gift for her 2009 VIP customers. It’s very curvy and sleek and fitting with Tam’s signature style. What’s interesting about this is that the design for this player was first shown around the internets back in November of 2007 as a design concept and the actual product is just now making itself into the hands of her VIP customers. Maybe in the fashion world that’s not too long to go from runway to retail but in the consumer electronics world, two years is a lifetime.

It doesn’t appear to be for sale to the general public as far as I can tell. It shouldn’t cost too much to become a Vivienne Tam VIP customer, right? Well VIP or not, two years later, it’s still very stylish and modern looking- dare I call it a timeless design? Temporarily timeless, I’d say.