Ctrl Alt Delete Pendant is UberNerdy

ctrl alt del necklace
Very geeky! We’ve seen single keyboard key jewelery of various types here but you have to be an ubernerd to get one with a 3 key combination! Yes control alt delete might not be as ubergeeky as say Command Q or shift F7 but it’s still waaaaay geekier than just getting a pendant with your initial or initials on it. Unless your initials happen to be Cntrl Alt Del in which case your parents are the biggest geeks ever and completely illogical with a complete disregard for the English language. You might as well change your name to an unpronounceable symbol like Prince did.

So getting back to the jewelry, this three key pendant is mounted on a glass tile pendant which is on an 18″ silver and black beaded chain, and incorporate a silver plated hook-and-eye clasp to make closure security a real snap. They cost $39 (although in my opinion they could sell a lot more by pricing them at a geekier number like $42 or $64, even if it’s higher).

etsy via walyou