Headphones with a Zippered Pocket

headphone stash pocket
There are plenty of clothing types that have a built in stash pocket for your goodies but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a set of headphones with a zippered pocket before. I think there’s a reason why we haven’t spotted anything like the Ed Headphones (FR) before- who the heck really needs a stash pocket in their headphones?!

It’s not like it’s an article of clothing that you’re wearing, you’re likely going to be taking these headphones on and off and they’re an inviting target for sticky fingered thieves as is. This is like putting a stash pocket on the back of your iPod. Hey robber man why don’t you take my pricey electronics and hey BONUS while you’re at, take my license and some hidden cash too- no extra effort on your part. It’s like getting the Graty free when you buy the SlapChop. Act now, you’re gonna like my nuts.

Ok yes I will admit that beyond just the usefulness of a stash pocket in your headphones, the zippered compartment does give these ‘phones a cool parachute pants style appearance. So for style purposes, I give these can headphones credit, but utility I just don’t see it. And since they cost over $600 a pair, I’ll never get the chance to try them out anyway.

via chipchick