WiiPod is an iPod in a Wiimote

Here’s a unique hack that could actually be applied to pretty much any gadget you have that has a wrist or neck strap and a battery case. A Japanese hacker has put his iPod Shuffle clone inside a Wii remote. It fits with only a slight modification to the Wiimote completely inside the battery case like so:
wiipod back
Hey, anyone know if bluetooth is used? Lol. Anyway, then you close up the battery compartment and blammo! Instant Wiiipod (wooah looks weird too many i’s? Wiipod? Wiimotepod?). Why here’s our happy hacker himself wearing the gizmod:
wiipod in action
Most impressive, considering he only appears to have one hand. I can’t read Japanese but I’m going to assume that he did not lose his hand while making this WiiPod. I’m also assuming that he’s the modder and not a model (a fair assumption, I’d say.) Remember kids, you should use proper safety precautions if you choose to do this or any type of gadget modding on your own because gadgets can kill.

hacker dude’s page (japanese) via geeky-gadgets

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