Shacklie Keeps Those Pesky Umbrella Thieves at Bay

shacklie umbrella lock1
When it rains you want an umbrella to keep you dry. But is there anything worse than going into a store or restaurant and putting your umbrella down only to find some quickfingered thief has taken off with it, leaving you high and dry–errr low and wet. Sure, like they say in the airport, many bags look alike; as do many umbrellas. So maybe it was an accident that your umbrella walked off. Or maybe not. The point is moot, as you’re standing there like a fool in the rain. And no, the best option is not to simply take someone else’s umbrella.

Umbrella theft is a major issue. I’d say after healthcare reform, the financial crisis, and the war, that umbrella thievery has to be one of Obama’s top priorities. I know it’s a major issue every time it rains. The Shacklie is the answer we have all been looking for. It simply turns the curved handle of the umbrella into a lock so you can secure your umbrella while it’s not in use. Alas, it’s just a concept, but a good one as long as the shackle part doesn’t end up costing a lot to produce.

via broccoli city