iHome iHMP5 are Headphones and Portable Speakers

ihome ihmp5 headphones
The iHome 2 IN 1 Stereo Speaker/Headphone System is the perfect pair of headphones for traveling because they are dual purpose. The iHome iHMP5 functions as normal can style headphones but it can also be flipped over to work as a small pair of portable speakers. An inline preamp powered by 2 AAA batteries provides the extra sound boost for when you want to use them as speakers and share your tunes.

I think these headphones are a pretty good idea, especially if you like to listen to your music on this style of headphone anyway. Rather than flip the earpiece around or have your friends huddle in close when you want to play something for them, these headphones transform into a powered speaker. Sure you’re not going to wake the neighbors with pounding bass but for places like a hotel room or dorm room or anyplace else you’re in close proximity to someone and you want to play your music out loud, the iHome iHMP5 are a great substitute for lugging around a pair of dedicated external speakers.